Come For The Cigars, Stay For The Conversation

One Community Made of Different Leaves

Together We Make One Bada** Cigar Family

We get people coming to our locations just to relax after a long day at work, hang out with friends, and even to watch the games!

We created a sampling room that allows for people to sample the variety of cigars that we have while talking to members of our community about some of the ones they enjoy and want to try!

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The Right to Smoke

As members of the Cigar Rights of America we are in strong support of legislation that allows people to visit Cigar Stores while also raising awareness about the laws that try to limit our rights.

Come out to events to listen to some of the experts in the cigar industry talk about what’s going on while smoking your favorite stick!

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Join The Leaf Community and get invited to our events while enjoying exclusive benefits such as discounts and special offers for members only!

Some of our proceeds also go to charities that help with disabilities and also benefit local police and firefighters. You may also be one of our winners that win our raffle prizes throughout the year and an ever expanding list of benefits!

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A Cigar is a Cigar. 
Share it with people who love it just as much as you do!

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